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When I think of carrots, I think of a vegetable normally coated with butter and served as an afterthought with a holiday meal.  Yes, my mind wandered back to the holidays as I prepped the carrots with snow flurries falling out the window over the kitchen sink yesterday.  But, I smirked at Mother Nature as I remembered all those little tomato and herb plants germinating in my indoor greenhouse.  She had me convinced New England would not make it through the winter of 2010, but we preserved despite the ice dams freezing our front doors shut, water leaking into our basements and snow banked narrow roads causing held breath each time a car (especially snow plow) came the other way.

Reluctantly thinking of the holidays and the under appreciated carrots I had sitting in my fridge, I thought it was time to up the ante.  Carrots serve as the basis for many stocks, stews and French dishes.  A component of one of the first French words a culinary student will easily roll off their tongue – Mirepoix.  Carrots add flavor to so many other dishes, yet are rarely highlighted on their own – unless in baby carrot form, maybe with some ranch?!



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