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You know it is spring when the forest of skinny green trees sprouting from crushed ice begin to show up in your grocery store. Here in the Northeast we are entering the early asparagus season – although I have been cooking it up for a few months now thanks to modern transportation! The majority of the time I consume asparagus it is roasted, grilled or blanched. All of which are delicious, but I was intrigued by cooking it ceviche style

Ceviche, traditionally with fish, uses citric acids to break down or cook the proteins and carbohydrates in the food – as opposed to heat.  Which was absolutely perfect during our weekend kitchen renovations when the oven couldn’t even be cracked open, few pots were to be found and it looked like a two year old had a temper tantrum throughout the house.  However a newly finished table and chairs and more shelves to store all my baking pans and Cuisinarts was absolutely worth it!



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